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Every industry has its own specific needs, requirements and challenges. Aram has been operating for 15 years in different industries. Therefore, we have gained years of experience on the largest projects on national and international level. Our experience across the different industries enables us to find the right solution for your particular situation and project. We apply our knowledge and experience in order to improve your project control. We make your projects more transparent, give you more insights on your overall progress and help you work more efficiently. Find out how Aram can help your project management organization by taking a closer look at your industry.

Oil & Gas

Prepared for every challange in the Oil & Gas industry

Aram has become an expert in the oil and gas industry, in particular by creating and maintaining maintenance and shutdown schedules. This field of work is characterized by project management, usually due to a high speed of rotation. Fast decision making is used. This requires for project management that the available information should be continuously updated. Of the people involved in the project, directly or indirectly, the credibility depends on their substantive knowledge of the work and the components and systems that are being discussed.

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Our customers in the oil and gas industry

From preparation to final reporting, we are working on designing the Work Breakdown Structure and parallel Code Structures such as the Cost Breakdown Structure and Resource Breakdown Structure, adding resources such as labor and material on tasks, designing and implement lateral control mechanisms on realized progress and realized efficiency (for example, by linking gate registration with realized labor productivity). Especially in the field of pipeline installation, we are familiar with the various ways of recording progress in for example diameterinches and inchometers.

Our experience

But also the planning and realization of new and rebuilding of oil and / or gas processing plants, underground gas storage of gas belong to our heritage. Again we can do this with both clients and contractors, both in the tender phase and during the realization. And it’s just our experience of both the management and the executive side that shows great added value.

Flash Gas Compressor Barges

Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 3 Flash Gas Compressor Barges


onderkant van een flyover van een snelweg

Years of commitment to projects for municipalities, provinces and government, but also at Waterschappen has made us skilled in the procedures that apply to the different types of work and in the various organizational forms that can be addressed for such projects.

Within this industry there is a world of difference in the perception of the dynamics between the clients and contractors in the various project phases. The recognition of the role of possible advisors, the (municipal) engineering firms and the understanding of their interests is essential.

Increased risks make effective project control more prominent for the infrastructure industry

After a few years of a fast decline in the projects of infrastructure it seems that opportunities start to arise again. This doesn’t take the competition out of the equation. Contractors can differentiate themselves by taking on the design, execution and maintenance. This means they will handle more risks on projects. To keep all these elements under control good and effective project control is of the upmost importance.

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Our clients in the infrastructure

Our experience

Aram has gained experience with the construction of (national) roads, tunnels, bridges and viaducts, the renovation of tunnels and the adaptation of tunnel technical installations. But also car parks and other public facilities in the urban area belong to our portfolio. Reports here not only serve as a benchmark for the progress made but also account for the way in which the interests of the various stakeholders have been taken into account.

Flash Gas Compressor Barges

Engineering, Procurement and Construction of 3 Flash Gas Compressor Barges

Offshore & Maritime

Controlling time, money and resources are of great significance in a growing market

The offshore & maritime industry has gained a strong growth and predictions seem positive. The growing market caused a lot of demand which has its effect on time and costs. With project control you can get a hold on time, money and resources in a project environment. As a knowledge partner for project control we have been involved with large offshore & maritime projects. Aram helps you control your projects with a strongly growing demand in the market.

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Experience gets you ahead of the competition

The shipyard market remains competitive because of the worldwide overcapacity. The challenge is to stay ahead of the competition.  This can be realized with integral project control and risk management. Effective project control enforces your chances on the market. We are experienced with project control for shipyards. Our professionals  are involved in the tender phase on the biggest dry dock in the world for ship building and maintenance. By sharing our knowledge and qualities we can help you make your projects succesful.

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Execute implementations quickly with Aram while keeping control and supervision

The financial industry has an essential role in the economy. As a financial institution it is important that consumers and companies are able entrust their money to you. After the credit crisis the the  financial industry is seeking recovery of trust. Project control and risk management are fundamental for internal control and oversight. It helps you in strategic decision making. Aram professionals have successfully contributed to the establishment of project and risk management in many projects. We strive to optimize your project environment.

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Improvement of services requires structure within your project environment

The railway industry will focus more heavily on operational excellence in the future. The realize this goal cooperations with multiple partners is of the essence. In addition its curcial that this cooperation receives the proper guidance. The projectmanagers of Aram have extensive experience in the guidance of multidisciplinary projects. Our specialists can help you with the structuring of your project environment in order for you to reach your predefined results.

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Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals

React swiftly to new developments with the project control services of Aram

The chemical and pharmaceutical industry will encounter a continuous market change in the upcoming years, like globalization, durability, lack of materials and change in needs. By using project control you can effectively anticipate on these new developments. Our experts can advice you how to adapt to these changes as effectively as possible and how to maximize your opportunities.

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Engineering agency

A shift of risk barring from client to contractor requires excellent risk managers

Because of the growth of the world economy the market will keep developing for the engineering agencies. Especially internationally there are many opportunities for engineering agencies, but the domestic market remains highly competitive. In addition more risk barring is shifted from the client to the contractor. Another development is that there is more demand for projects with a fixed rate instead of project hourly rate. Its essential for engineering agencies to make the right considerations. Our professionals understand this and have experience on both sides of a project; client and contractor. This gives them a broader perspective and knowledge to improve your project control.

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Adapt effectively to the new developments with Aram as your knowledge partner

The energy market is changing rapidly. The liberalization of the energy market has created many changes. The effect of these changes is difficult to estimate and results in to insecurities. With risk management you can more effectively manage risk and get in control of any changes. Aram has many years of experience with the implementation of risk management on large and complex projects. Our professionals help u avoid surprises and identify opportunities for your business.

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Meerdere windmolens op een rij op zee

High Tech

When a project becomes bigger the process become more complex which leads to dificulties to maintain a good overview

The High tech industry is a rapidly growing market. There is a strong demand for high tech products and services. In order to develop new  solutions research institutes, manufacturers, suppliers and clients will need to work more closely together. In addition manufacturers are outsourcing more often. This makes the processes more complex and project larger, which means that project control becomes inevitable. With our knowledge and experience in project control we can contribute productively.

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