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Make the features of different systems accessible for eachother with the Flint interface.

Primavera Gateway 

Primavera Gateway brings project driven organizations transparency in project, portfolio and resource management.


The easiest way to transfer your data Microsoft Excel to aPrimavera P6 project plan.

Flint combines the power of two applications in a few clicks.

Make the features of different systems accessible for each other with the Flint interface.

The essence of Flint is to make data in two different environments available for each other on a regular base. In other words, the features of the different systems will become accessible through the flint interface . It ensures that your ERP systems can coöperate with your Oracle Primavera EPPM P6.

More flexibility

Flint is unique because of the complete variable settings which makes it available to exchange flexible data. It is capable of reading and writing data to every OBDC/JDBC compliant.

Scalable and easy to use

Flint is regarded by customers as user-friendly and its web based. It allows unlimited volumes of data.

Save money & time

Flint works according to the business roles of the most used and popular scheduling software packages. You are in this way ensured of a rapid deployment to link your project business environment. Duplicate data will not be imported anymore and the risk of errors will be reduced.

For whom

Flint is designed for organizations that work with various ERP systems and Oracle Primavera P6. In both systems, often the same data is being entered. This is unnecessary work and very error prone. Flint offers a solution to this and allows you to create efficiencies and quality improvements in your business operations.

Use your time for data analysis instead of data retyping
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Primavera Gateway

Primavera Gateway brings project driven organizations transparency in project, portfolio and resource management.

Primavera Gateway is the bi-directional integration solution of Oracle which integrates Primavera P6 Enterprise Portfolio Management with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) systems. The integration is fully configurable and regulates a mutual data flow between the two applications.

Complete solution

Primavera P6 Professional Project Management includes all the features in order for you to establish a detailed schedule. For example it has comprehensive earned value options, user-friendly management tools and baseline intrigued reporting solutions.

Work more efficiently

Optimize resource allocation and create data consistency between different systems.

Reliable performance

Reliable reporting features of project parameters for different applications.

For whom

Oracle Primavera Gateway is designed for organizations that work with various ERP systems and Oracle Primavera P6. The fully customizable interface ensures reduction and standardization of data entry. Decisions will be better informed and data consistency is ensured.

Technical Requirements

Stand alone:
Windows 7 OS or Windows XP OS (32/64 Bit)
Oracle XE Database (included)
X5570 2.93 GHz Dual Core Processor x 2

Model voor integratie van flint tussen oracle primavera p6 en erp of eam software
Work more efficient with Oracle Primavera Gateway
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The easiest way to transfer your data from Microsoft Excel to your Primavera P6 project plan

Pexcellent is a Primavera P6 EPPM help tool. It complements the import and export functionality of Primavera P6 for generic tasks. Import eg. A WBS to Excel, validate activities or import activity codes. Stop retyping information from one application to another to avoid typographical errors. In addition, improve the quality of your schedule and avoid frustration.

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Simple installation

Pexcellent can be installed without the help of an IT-department. In addition, it is easy to use and it only requires knowledge of Excel.


Pexcellent allows you to rearrange your data before importing it because of the semi-automatic functionality.

Low costs

Pexcellent is one of the cheapest solutions available in the market which helps you to import and export large volumes of data from Excel to Primavera P6 and vice versa.

For whom
  • If you want to integrate one or more applications without intervention from a user, for example, completely automate the import and export of hours from SAP to Primavera P6.
  • If you do not want that one of your users have the option to modify the integration.
Technical Requirements
  • Microsoft Excel enabled with macros
  • MSXML installed on workstations with Excel
  • Network connection of workstations to EPPM Web Services
  • EPPM user with the rights to “Web Services” (Module Web Services)
  • EPPM user with the rights to “Edit Period Performance” for importing hours
  • EPPM users with rights to their own projects
Main features
  • Import progress: Display the progress per activity, validate and import.
  • Import Hours: Display the budgeted and actual hours per activity, per resource and per financial period, validate and import.
  • Import WBS: Create a tree structure in Microsoft Excel and click Import.

Import and export data to Oracle Primavera P6 fast and easy with Pexcellent

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