Oracle Primavera Portfolio Management

Primavera Portfolio Management

Oracle’s Primavera Portfolio Management is the market leader in portfolio management software. It provides endless flexibility and an user-friendly infrastructure for the company’s portfolio management.

Why Primavera Portfolio Management?

  • The software is ideal for all kinds of portfolios because of both broad and deep focus.
  • Because of her flexible configuration options, this software is specialized in the consistent and transparent mapping of process flows and statistics.
  • The powerful security function and the practical interface provide a guarantee of effective cooperation between stakeholders in a project environment.
  • Because of her ‘strategy-first approach’ the software makes it possible to identify and highlight the best strategic investments.
  • Because of the flexible integration options, Primavera Portfolio Management can be used in combination with several scheduling software.
  • Primavera Portfolio Management is suitable for any random moment in a project because of its extensive functionality. The software offers results from idea to implementation.

We recommend Primavera Portfolio Management to organizations with a comprehensive project portfolio. The software brings overview and transparency in your portfolio and it also ensures improves efficiency. Profits can even be made before the project will start.

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