Instantis Enterprise Track

Primavera Instantis Enterprise Track

Instantis Enterprise Track is aimed to support project driven organizations in managing and improving strategy implementation and financial performance. The application is a complete solution for managing, tracking and reporting of enterprise-wide strategies, processes, projects, programs, portfolios, products, resources, costs and revenues.

The software is completely cloud based and is often used in IT and project-driven organizations. Instantis Enterprise Track is user-friendly and with the flexible dashboard functionalities reports can be custom made. It also includes an innovative user interface and the accessibility and visibility of the users are configurable at an absolute discretion.

With Instantis Enterprise Track you will maintain an complete control of your project environment, where strategic and financial policies are translated to your operational management.

View the different Oracle datasheets for Instantis Enterprise Track:

  • Enterprisestream module
  • IT project portfolio management and project management offices
  • New product development project portfolio management
  • Process improvement
  • Resource manager and capacity manager modules

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