Oracle Primavera Earned Value Management

Primavera Earned Value Management

As governments impose stricter requirements for project reports, organizations are now forced to set higher standards in the field of project management. Despite this focus on proper management, project management is still characterized by unexpected events. In creating cost estimates it is almost impossible to take all these insecurities in account in a detailed level. The development of costs are therefore tracked over time in many projects.

However, often no analysis takes place which addresses the relationship between the achievement of project results and progress in time and costs. Primavera Earned Value Management allows an early detection of financial difficulties and makes the underlying causes clear.

What makes it special?
  • Oracle’s Primavera Earned Value Management is a comprehensive and integrated solution that analyses your costs on a detailed scale and helps your organization to control the project costs and budgets.
  • The software takes complex taxes and tariffs into account, next to (causes of) financial problems, while maintaining and protecting the strategic objectives.
  • With Primavera Earned Value Management you’re able to buy indirectly transparency in your project portfolio and an effective and streamlined communication with stakeholders.
  • The software has the ability to communicate key performance indicators.

We recommend Oracle’s Primavera Earned Value Management at project-intensive organizations that want to manage their project portfolio in line with previously established strategic goals. It compares budgeted costs with the actual incurred costs. It enables organizations to make statistically accurate estimations and it allows them to responds to unexpected problems. Primavera Earned Value Management is an important way for government organizations to ensure the control of established standards and control them.

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