Oracle Primavera Autovue

Primavera Autovue

Autovue is a web application that allows you to visualize documents and link them to certain information flows. The software ensures maximum visibility and usefulness of project related technical information, such as CAT drawings. It also offers insight into your product lifecycle management (PLM) and asset flows (assets). Oracle’s Autovue is therefore particularly popular in engineering & construction, high-tech and industrial sectors.


Autovue ensures you that documents within your organization are visible to the right people. Important information can be made relatively easily digitally transparent in this way. Productivity, collaboration and decision-making are influenced in an optimal way. Business processes are being streamlined and communication is simplified. With AutoVue you invest in grip and visibility of your document flows.

Integration with Primavera P6

The software uses your existing IT applications and can be used enterprise wide. We mainly advise project driven organizations how to use this software. One of the great advantages of AutoVue is that users can post comments to the additional documents. In a project team, for example, CAT drawings are linked to certain activities in Primavera P6. By providing these documents with additional information the mutual communication is improved.

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