Planning management: Monitor your project progress and results.

Project planning plays an essential role in managing complex multidisciplinary projects. It requires schedules to be tailored. Frequently, professional project planning software like Oracle Primavera P6, Microsoft Project or Tilos is used for this. Planning management makes the necessary decision making more informed and creates a realistic plan that monitors progress and risks.
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A project schedule gives you insights into the dependencies, risks and the important milestones of your project

  • Primavera P6 EPPM capaciteiten planning resource overview
    Insights in resources
  • primavera projectplanning status werkzaamheden en invloed op project einddatum
    Monitor your progress
  • probabilistische planning met gannt chart voorbeeld inzicht in effecten van risico's op einddatum van project
    Anticipate on risks

Achieve the desired project result within time budget and scope

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How can planning management help your organization?

Focus on your project result

  • Focus on your project results and the important milestones
  • Gain realistic insight into the feasibility of your results and milestones
  • A powerful communication tool for management
  • Improve the decision making progress
  • Linking element within your project organization
  • Risks are made insightful in timely manner

Why you want Aram as your knowledge partner

Our proven approach

A work breakdown structure (WBS) will be created first. Thereafter, the associated process schedule and an estimation of the order lead time and decision making process are made. This all together forms the input for a project schedule. After the project schedule has been completed, the project must be managed. Progress is compared to the planning, deviations are timely detected and proper management measures are provided.

How to take advantage of planning management in the different phases of your project

Therefore, a Oracle Primavera P6 customized project planning

Project planning with Oracle Primavera P6 PPM and EPPM requires extensive knowledge and experience. This project management software package is very complex but also the most comprehensive for your project planning. Creating a Primavera P6 project planning belongs to the basic skillset of our consultants. An Oracle Primavera planning provides you with a powerful communication tool for both the internal accountability as for the external stakeholders.
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Gannt project status 3d

Align activities, resources and production in an Integrated Project Planning

A project planning can be seen as the backbone of complex projects. The link between activities, capacity, costs, production and location results in an integrated project planning. An integrated project planning can only be created with the commitment and knowledge of the project planner or planning manager. Particularly, when monitoring progress and logistics, integrated project planning plays a key role to reduce risks and to make the impact of the various elements transparent.
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Pexcellent primavera p6 integratie oplossing valideren van resources

Map relationships with integral project planning

The design of an integral project planning stands or falls with the commitment and knowledge of the project planner or planning manager. Complex and multidisciplinary projects require an integral project planning that focuses on the relationships between the different activities or activities. Knowledge and experience with the type of planning and the industry are necessary to make these relationships insightful and to monitor their progress on your project.
Activities and relations

Through the reporting function you get insight…

Integral planning

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Probabilistic planning

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Identify which effect risks have on your project

A probabilistic planning is created by linking the planning with risks . This gives insight into the effects of risks on the planning. It creates a better overview of which risks affect your end date and how to effectively prevent or take acceleration measures to achieve your desired project outcome. Moreover, the additional costs and possible delays can be limited.
probabilistischeplanning gantt
Monte Carlo Analysis

Methodology for analyzing risks in planning


Use the S curve to determine your P-value for a realistic end date

Tornado View

Determine which risks have the biggest influence on your end date.


Microsoft Project for your Project Planning

For companies with less multidisciplinary and complex projects, Microsoft Projects and Excel meets as project planning tools. It requires the project planner only another approach and method. Our advisors have developed these skills into an expertise. In addition to drafting the project planning, we monitor these and signal any deviations in a timely manner. Appropriate management measures are proposed.
Pexcellent primavera p6 integratie oplossing valideren van resources

Commit clients with your tender planning

When winning the tender, planning is an essential part. This provides the basis for the structure in the phase of the offer. Planning the thread for the project. It shows the consistency for the activities to be performed.
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A glimpse of our experience:

Maintenance Planning Offshore Olie & Gas Production Platforms

Plans of preventive maintenance and shutdowns to the plants on the oil and gas offshore production platforms

Maintenance Scheduling BP Oil Refinery

Planning management of the preventive maintenance at the refinery plants.

FPSO Cidade de Paraty

EPCIC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning) of FPSO Cidade de Paraty


Construction of a gas pipeline from Russia to Turkey through the Black Sea.

5000 Tons Crane

Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation and Commissioning of a 5000 Ton faucet for installation at the Oleg Strashnov

City Terminal

Develop a multi-user environment for multiple logistics service suppliers to the former City Terminal.

De nieuwe warmteweg

Expanding the capacity of the cityheating by using residual heat

Broadening of A1 Apeldoorn and Azelo

Broadening of the A1 between Apeldoorn and Azelo in order to achieve a good flow and improved accessibility.
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Op tijd en binnen budget- Jan, klaas Heerema Projectmanager
Altijd het overzicht behouden. Mensen met kennis en scherp inzicht.- Koos, piet BAM Projectlead
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