Cookie law info


Aram uses cookies on the joint website. Cookies are small text or other files which a web server places on your computer or other mobile device when you visit a website. There are different kinds of cookies. Aram places cookies so that you are able to use the website and its functions. These cookies are strictly necessary if you want to use our website or a certain functionality (essential cookies). Furthermore Aram can use cookies which will follow you while visiting other websites and register which internet pages you visit (tracking cookies). Aram can also use cookies to increase the user-friendliness of the website (analytical cookies). And finally, Aram can use cookies to improve the use of the website, products, services and marketing strategies (performance cookies). These cookies do not collect any personal data of the website user.
You can use your browser settings to block cookies or delete them. If you block or delete cookies via your browser, this can also affect the essential and performance cookies. This means you may possibly no longer be able to visit the website or parts of it. The user-friendliness of the website can be affected. For example, the message about the use of cookies can keep on appearing. You can also set your browser settings so that you are warned as soon as cookies are placed.

For a general explanation of blocking and deleting cookies, Graydon suggests you visit the website of the Consumers’ Association or other consumer organisations.

Aram may change its cookie policy.