N35 Zwolle – Wijthmen

N35 Zwolle – Wijthmen

The improving of the fluidity of the N35 by rearrangement and widening of the existing N35 between Zwolle and Wijthmen.

From the establishment of the DRD (Draft Route Decision) in the planning study, Aram was responsible for developing the projectplanning, the risk register and the implementing of the iterative planning and risk management process. Furthermore, there is cooperation with the customer to establish the SCM process (System-oriented contract management) in combination with PARM (Process aimed Risk Management).
Project description
Planstudy to realisation
Because of the increasing traffic between Zwolle and Wijthmen rush traffic jams arise in the morning and evening on the N35. The project aims to widen the road and rearrange part of the road. In addition, a crossover with slip roads is applied to give the traffic more space. The connection with the viaduct will not fit on the location of the existing crossing. Therefore it is necessary that the N35 is rearranged.
Brief project information:
  • Client: Rijkswaterstaat of East-Holland
  • Period: 2014 t/m 2016
  • Tags: planningsmanagement, riskmanagement, roadengineering, project control
  • URL: Go to the project website
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