Hartel Tank Terminal (HTT)

Hartel Tank Terminal

Realisation of nautical arrangements which are necessary for the functioning of the future Hartel Tank Terminal.

Due to the complexity of the project, Aram is asked to form the integrated project management and manage these management aspects during the project. Hereby, Aram takes responsibility for the management of time, money and risks.
Project phase
Project description
For purposes of the plans to create a container terminal at the hartel strip, the Port of Rotterdam should take the responsibility for the realization of nautical infrastructure. It includes the construction of over a kilometer seawall, over a kilometer inland quay, a jetty of 300 meters and the necessary dredging.
Brief project description:
  • Client:¬†Port of Rotterdam
  • Period: 2017 – Heden
  • Tags: planningsmanagement, risicomanagement, projectbeheersing
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