A22: renovation Velsertunnel

A22: renovation Velsertunnel

Implementation of major repairs to the Velsertunnel

Aram was responsible for drafting the planning for RWS taks and monitoring the progress of these RWS tasks. Verification and validation of the submitted plan by the contractor and the progress report. Implementation of the probabilistic analysis and reporting of this.
Project description
Design and preparation
The Velsertunnel, built in 1957, located in the A22 between Ijmuiden and Beverwijk. Every day about 65,000 people use this tunnel. The 60-year-old tunnel needed a major overhaul. The escape routes are updated, tunnel technical systems are renewed and the vehicle height access is expanded by 12 cm, so that there is a more secure traffic flow on the road.
Brief project description
  • Client: Rijkswaterstaat of East-Holland
  • Period: 2015 t/m 2017
  • Tags: planningsmanagement, risicomanagement, wegenbouw, projectbeheersing
  • URL: Go to the project website 
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