Adam Academy icon advanced course Resource & Cost Control Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis

Resource & Cost Control Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis

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In this course, you will enrich your knowledge and skills to identify, analyze and manage risks. Based on an existing schedule, you will learn to create resource and financial schedules with Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis. In addition, you will learn to run a Monte Carlo Analysis to simulate the impacts of financial risks. There will also be a particular focus on financial strong projects with great financial risks. Furthermore, you will analyze capital expenditures during the course.


  • Creating resources
  • Resource calendars
  • Assigning resources& costs
  • Cost analysis
  • Cost histograms & s-curves
  • Level resources
  • Financial Monte Carlo
  • Project cash flow
  • Net present value
  • Internal rate of return
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1 day


Projet Planning, Cost Control, Basic Software




Dutch or English


Capelle a/d IJssel or Incompany

Run a Monte Carlo Analysis to gain more insights into your resource and financial risks, which is the foundation of your risk budget.

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